Top 3 Cryptocurrencies with high return in the bear market 2022.

Cryptocurrencies with high return in the bear market 2022.

Crypto market are on highly decline in recent few months as the investors has loss their 500 billion dollars and crypto market move towards the bear mode.

Major crypto coin are down in their price due to heavy losses in the market . Despite the result of crypto market. There are three Cryptocurrency which has shown high return in this bear market . These coin are ever grow coin , BNB and Tron ( TRX).

Ever grow coin gain 40% price punch .

As crypto market has opened yesterday ever grow coin shows a jump of about 40% within a few hours.

If we look at the price at which ever grow start trading at crypto exchange platform like digifinex is at 00.000000255 to hit 00.000000358 at closing time.

This coin is at hyper deflationary on the binance BNB chain. The coin has shown 8% of transaction tax with over 37 million since launching in September last year.

As crypto market is drop regularly it will be the right time to start better investment in crypto market as ever grow can will get high in upcoming years.

BNB is at 3% high .

The most underrated crypto coin which had given high return to their investors is BNB coin. As major Cryptocurrencies are red like Bitcoin, ethereum ,XPR ,Solana are trading red in the market today BNB has shown 3% return to the investors today.

This coin has also shown 10% high last week in its price . BNB is one of the Binance power crypto exchange. This is the world biggest trading platform in the world.
BNB were at 227 dollar when the crypto market crash last week. It has raise from 227 dollar. To $331.


TRON ( TRX) has moved to top 20 crypto currency as there and luna collapse at crypto market . It has market value of 7.65 billion and ranked at 14th position displacing shibo.

If we look at the tron performance in last week it has given 12% return . Despite big coin shown crash in the market it has shown steady growth in the market and can soon reach in top 10 list.

Tron was launched in 2017 to honor digital creator for their content . It has from its own decentralised blockchain with lots of function like it carry decentralised games ,app Store and music sites and files sharing bit torrent.


As crypto market are highly concern subject you . Must get aware about and cons of the coin and then invest your money . This article is only for educational purpose . It does not contain any financial advice so , kindly have proper research before making some investment in the market . If you like this article share it with your friend at social media.

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