What is Copy Trading?

What is Copy Trading?

Trading nowadays are highly trending around the internet . Everyone wants to start trading but this is not easy for everyone to start . They need proper knowledge and guidance to learn trading. In recent few time one of the most popular trading option comes on highlight is copy trading.

Copy trading is nowadays is the way through which we can earn money from share market and from Cryptocurrency and other platform. Are you also looking for such option through which you can generate regular income without any market research or any kind of trading course . In this article we are going to cover pros and cons about copy trading . How copy trading should be started and many more about copy trading.


If you are beginner in stock market and want to generate revenue in short interval of time . You must learn copy trading. Before going into the copy trading you need to understand some of the question related to copy trading like how copy trading is different from other trading option. What are the advantage and disadvantage of copy trading.


What is Copy Trading ?


If we define the term copy trading is the process through which we can copy the portfolio of bigger investors and generate high revenue. Here the question arive how we can copy portfolio of big investors like their trading style action , position and everything just by clicking a button using API.


Through copy trading you can easy generate high revenue just the big automatically in your account . Without giving much time in market . Copy trading is same like Human life . How we follow those personality who is much more successful then you . The new trader who don’t want to take risk can use copy trading to generate profit from share market . Copy trading is also known as social trading in recent few time it is seen that collage going student and employee use copy trading as part time job to earn money from stock market.


# How copy trading work ?


* For copy trading you must have demat account on any platform which have copy trading feature on it .

* Most of the stock app allow trader to copy other trader portfolio in free . But in some platform you need to pay for this service.

* After creating account you can easily copy entire transaction heslov of famous trader.

* You can also cancel the copy trading subscription when you are not satisfied.

The next question about copy trading is how many type of copy trading are available in market . There are two types of copy trading manual trading and Automatic copy trading.


# Types of copy trading


Automatic copy trading

Automatic trading refer to coping the entire portfolio transaction in auto pilot mode without taking any risk . The stock app automatically trade according to the requirement .


Manual copy trading

As per the name manual copy trading is done by individual itself by choosing the right stock . Copy trading are done either for few and paid .


# Pros and Cons of copy trading.


Pros of copy trading.

* You can generate high revenue in auto pilot mode with limited time and no time .

* You don’t need to have market knowledge.

* A compare to the PMS it is more easily.

* By copy trading you can generate some amount of money like expert trader.

* Create huge network with trader .


Cons of copy trading.


* It is difficult to the trader to choose best API platform for copy trading.

* In most of trading platform you need to pay money to avail the service.

* For copy trading you need high capital to start.

* There is chance of risk when you are not able to identify skilled trader .


In this article we have discussed the new trading way that is copy trading through which new trader can easily generate profit from the stock market . After reading the above article i hope you have the full idea about the pros and cons related to copy trading . If you think that is copy trading is right option the answer depend upon the individual expertise.

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