How transaction done in cryptocurrency? 

In recent few year digital currency are on high rise around the world. It is considered to be the upcoming future of the banking. But digital currency is still growing sector around the world. There are plenty of digital currency available in the market among which Bitcoin is leading digital currency. Cryptocurrency work on the principal of block chain.

Block chain is type of technology which allow transaction record in decentralized way to this user without going to any bank Or third party trusted institution.

How transaction done in cryptocurrency?

As we all know that cryptocurrency does not show any transaction record to their user. Then question arise how transaction actually done around the world. The answer is mining. Mining perform the transaction process in block chain.

What is Mining?

Mining is one of the most important element in cryptocurrency sector. Mining is basically a process which solve complex computer equation around the world and help in transaction of cryptocurrency from one part of the world to other part. It solve complex equation base on block chain.


Mining is perform by miner which used super computer and high rig device to perform the whole transaction process.


Mining is a complex process which required high amount of money and people to perform the process. Therefore big company and institution fixed there service of mining around the world to mine the cryptocurrency.

In this article we are going to share some of the best crypto mining stock you can buy in 2022.

Top crypto mining stock in 2022 mining sector are still limited around the world. There are only few organisation and company which invested in crypto mining. It is the good time to earn money by buying crypto mining stock. The digital currency company extract crypto with the lowest amount of investment at the sale ratio with 12 month (P/S) lag. Here are some of the best mining stock company you can buy in the year 2022 which will gew you high return in upcoming year.

Top 3 mining stock companies

Canaan Inc ( can)

The first company who provide mining service are canaan Inc. It is a china oriented company which help in solving complex crypto equation. This company is well known for application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which work on high performance rig and computer chip set. It also provide computer equipment software service and many more. You can buy this company share at cost of 6 dollar the company has market Capitalisation of 905 million dollar.

The return ratio of the company at 12 month trailing (P/S) ratio is 0.8%.

* Bit mining limited

Another company which can give you high return on small investment is bit mining limited. This is a Hong Kong based company. This company offer cryptocurrency mine, mining poor and a data center. This company announced in 2021 . Bit mining have their own block chain browser BTC. The cost of one share of the company is 500 million dollar. The company offer 0.7% return to their invest.

* Bit digital Inc.

Bit digital Inc is growing mining company. It provides mining facilities and platform for the miner to perform the complex equation. This company has market Capitalisation of 450 million dollars and this company has given 3.3% return to their investor. You can buy this company share as 6.63 dollar.

Now here are the top fastest growing mining stock in 2022 you need to know.

In above we have discuss about low amount share which can give high revenue in upcoming year. But here are the fastest growing company you need to check before investing in mining sector.

* Bit farm limited

The company has market Capitalisation of 885 million dollars and the company had given 323% return to their investor in 12 month trailing return. You can buy their company share at 4.63 % dollar.

* Marathon digital Inc.

The company has market Capitalisation of 3,475 million dollars and has given 257.5% of return to their investor in 12 month trailing. You can buy their stock at 33.8% dollar. This is the fastest growing mining stock from last two years.

* Hu

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