Best SIPs which can make you rich in 2022 ?

Best SIPs which can make you rich in 2022 ?

Now a day every one wanted to invest some amount of money for the better future.There are many scheme and feild to invest their money. Among all the most popular investment plan is SIP. A systematic investment plan is on high trends now a day for the younger generation who wanted to secure theri future.


Systematic investment plan is on of the low risk investment plan one can easily start with low amount for the future.


If you get not started investing your money and thinking of investment these are the some of the most popular SIPs plan you can look for the coming year 2022.


Some of the top performing SIPs mutual funds you can start investing in 2022.

Before investing in any of the mutual funds you need to understand all the terms and policy of the company so dearly understand the basic information about the mutual funds.

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* SBI technology funds

If you have the budget of ₹ 500 you can start investing on SBI technology funds in 2022 .In recent 5 year the company has given 36% return to thus investor .You can started investing money on it at your own risk in 2022.


*Aditya Birla Sun Life Indian funds

In recent 3 year Aditya Birla Sun has given 40.5% return to their investor .The company has expenses loan of 2.19% .The technology software and ecommerce sector .In 2022 you can start your SIP with Aditya Birla Sun Life with minimum amount of ₹1000 per month.


*Tata digital India fund.

The another SIP which has given more return to their investor is tata digital India.The company has given 39.4% return to their investor at the expense ratio of 202% . The company has invested their 80% assest in equity and technology sector companies .You can start your SIP with ₹500 per month.


* ICICI prudential funds.

The most performing SIP with high return is ICICI prudential funds in last 3 year the company given 42.1% return to their investor for all the expense ratio of 1.84% .You can start you investment in ICICI SIP with ₹100 per month .If you are student and wanted to go higher education start investing in this ICICI SIP for upcoming 5 year.


As we all know money make money so if you still looking for some investment with low risk and high return for long term you can start investing in SIP mentioned can firstly study all the term and policy of the SIP before investment so ,that you don’t have any problem in future.

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