How to make new account on phone pe. 

How to make new account on phone pe.

Phone pe is one of the most popular mobile payment platform in India.

Phone pe easily transfer money through UPI from one bank account to another bank account within a minutes.

It offers many features including phone recharge, domestic services bill payment and many more digital transaction.

Growing technology enhanced the banking services and money transfer more efficiently and safe. We can easily withdraw our money any time without going banks and ATMs with the help of our mobile.

Are you also interested in digital banking?

If yes, in this article we are going to share the ways through which you can easily create a new phone pe account.

How phone pe works?

Phone pe is a digital wallet which works on unified payment interface(UPI) system. It easily connect your bank account with your smartphone through UPI ID. Which directly withdraw money from your bank account safely.

To make account on Phone pe

There are some of the steps you need to follow to create a new account on phone pe.


Step 1.

Download phone pe Application from google play store for Android and Apple App Store for I phone user.


Step 2.

After downloading phone pe in your mobile you need to verify your mobile number.

Note that verify that number which is linked to your bank account.


Step 3.

You need to fill necessary personal details like name, email I’d and 4 digit password. So that you can activate your personal wallet in phone pe.


Step 4.

Next step you need to create a virtual private address on phone pe.


Step 5.

Now select your bank and add your bank account number, so that your account get linked. Phone pe automatically detect your account details.


Step 6.

At last you need to confirm your bank account details like account number, IfSC code, mobile number, account holder name.


Now your phone pe account is created you can now transfer money to any one any time through UPI.


Advantages of phone pe


You need to know the advantage of phone pe.


★ It is the safest way to transfer money digitally.


★ Phone pe is user friendly payment platform.


★Phone pe is officially available in hindi, English, kannada, tamil, malayalam and many more.


★Phone pe provide 24*7 hrs service.


★ You can transfer money within a few minutes.


★ In every transactions phone pe offers free cashback and discount.


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