How to make conference call on Android.

How to make conference call on Android.

We all love calling with our friends and family through out the day. We start calling them and start talking for the longer period of time using phone.

Early Revolution in technology provide us to talk with our friends and family who are at a longer distance by introducing telecom services around the world.

A person can call a single person at a time and start talking. They don’t merge more than one person in a single call, so they have to call several call for every single person one by one to talk.

Advancement in telecom services allow people to talk with more than one person at a time just using their Android mobile.
This technology in Android is popularly known as conference call.

What is conference call.

Conference call is basically a program upgraded in Android smartphones through which a person at a time can talk to several people in a single call without any connectivity problems.
This is designed in such a manner that the host can add more than 1caller on the same call at a time.

To make conference call on Android. You need to follow some of the basic steps mention below.

1.Call your first person to make conference call.

2.After receiving the call from the first person. Touch the + button display on your mobile so that you can able to add more caller.
By clicking Add button the first person goes on hold.

3.Now it’s time to call the second person to whom you are going to add on conference call.
You can simply add the second person on the call using dial pad or you can choose it from your contact list or the recent call tab.
Ask the second person to wait so that you can add them into a merge call.

4. Now you can see a merge icon on your call display. Touch the merge icon , now the two calls are merged.
You can see that a new message is flashing on your call display. Everyone is now able to speak and hear to each other.

5.The host who created the conference call can end the call by clicking end call icon to end the conference call.

All calls are disconnected.

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